Israeli Restaurants Team with Charity to Help Feed the Needy During Pandemic

To help feed the needy while benefiting local businesses, an initiative called “Meal for Two” was launched.


The financial crisis generated by the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic has left many without work, reeling financially.

Additionally, due to the financial crisis, many restaurants are on the verge of collapse. People whose job was to provide food to others are now dependent on others for support.

Seeking to possibly benefit both sides, Leket Israel has launched the Meal for Two initiative in which it invites the public to support restaurant owners and vulnerable Israelis through one simple donation.

With the initiative, Leket is seeking to address the dramatic increase in demand for food from the growing population of people living below the poverty line.

Contributions are used to purchase cooked meals from restaurants impacted by the economic crisis for distribution to the needy. This project will enable restaurants to remain open, while providing high quality, nutritious food to those in need.from the severe economic crisis plaguing the country.”

Leket will provide the know-how, logistics and management resources required to facilitate the flow of prepared meals from participant restaurants to those in need.

“This project is a win-win situation which will help both the restaurant industry as well as provide fresh nutritious food to those in need,” said Leket’s CEO Gidi Kroch.

Leket aims to raise NIS 2,500,000 and hundreds of Israelis have already joined the initiative.

Leket facilitates the safe and efficient collection and distribution of surplus food in Israel to those who need it. Some 200 nonprofit associations receive food from Leket and deliver it to over 175,000 needy Israelis per week.

The IDF is Leket’s largest contributor. The organization collects the leftover lunch from some 40 bases around Israel and provides the food to soup kitchens, adding another 100,000 weekly meals for Israel’s needy.


Donate to the Corona Emergency Relief Fund. Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on the people of Israel. The poor, elderly and ill are most vulnerable.

Israeli soldiers, security officers and medical care providers operate under great danger and risk to life.

Over 1 million Israelis are out of work. Many cannot make ends meet. We provide financial aid, food, medical supplies and more. Funds are distributed where needed most. The time to act is now!


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