New IDF Task Force Takes Aim at Corona Chain of Infection

The Israeli military’s vast infrastructure and resources are combating the spread of the virus.

By Associated Press

The Israeli military announced Wednesday the establishment of a coronavirus task force to cut the chain of infection in the country.

In a statement, the military said the new task force would begin operating next week and connect all the different bodies under one umbrella. The unit, headed by a brigadier general, will operate a sampling center, a quarantine center, recovery hotels, an evaluation complex and an epidemiological investigations center.

The move looks to give the country’s largest organization overall responsibility for contact tracing. The task force will utilize the military’s vast infrastructure and resources to combat the spread of the virus.

Israel received praise for its early handling of the coronavirus crisis and imposing tight movement restrictions.

Since reopening the economy in May new cases have spiked. As part of his set of recommendations to stem the tide, the country’s new coronavirus czar said more responsibility should be handed over to the military.

The military said one of its main goals is to significantly shorten the waiting time for samples and epidemiological investigations.


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