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Twinkling of an Eye

When Israel left Egypt, they left in haste. The Torah explains the ritual of eating unleavened bread at Passover as a result of the abrupt departure from Egypt. Their bread dough did not have time to rise before they baked it. You shall not eat leavened bread […]

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The Purity Paradox

In Numbers 19, the Torah gives the laws for preparing the ashes of the red heifer. The red heifer is an unusual sacrifice which was slaughtered and burned outside of the Tabernacle. Its ashes were then collected and mixed with water. The water was sprinkled in a […]

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The World Was Created for Me

A census report makes for difficult reading. Working through the details of tribal and family tallies can be an exercise in monotony, but Rashi found a sweet message about God’s love underlying the dry census data. He explained that God enjoyed counting the Israelites because of his […]

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Candle-Lighting Times