Solar field


Israel has inaugurated its largest photovoltaic energy field,  and Israeli chip design startup Sckipio is working with Intel to deliver 1 gigabit per second Internet access.

By: Michael Ordman



Israel’s largest solar field

Israel has inaugurated its largest photovoltaic energy field with a capacity of 55 megawatts. Built by Enlight Renewable Energy the field covers 800 dunam (200 acres) in the Western Negev, and contains 180,000 solar collectors.

1 gigabit Internet speed

Israeli chip design startup Sckipio is working with Intel to deliver 1 gigabit per second Internet access across existing copper phone lines.

Experience flying on a paper airplane

I featured Israeli startup PowerUp’s remote controlled paper airplane previously in Jun 2014. Following its success, PowerUp has now installed a live streaming camera on the plane so you can experience being on-board the plane. PowerUp will be crowdfunding on KickStarter soon.

Pollution emissions down significantly

Israel’s Pollution register of 500 companies shows that pollution has decreased between 18% – 53% since 2012. Key factors include the use of better technology, reduced discharges and vapor recovery systems.

Catching the Rain in Kenya

Israel’s Ambassador to Kenya launched the first of 45 “Catch the Rain” Projects in Kenya’s Kisii County. Each includes a 30,000-liter rainwater harvesting kit, a fish pond, a greenhouse and drip irrigation units. Israeli-run Amiran Kenya supplied much of the equipment for the project.

Revolutionizing the delivery business

Israeli start-up Wave is bringing the digital revolution to the merchandise shipping industry. It is using innovative technology to share the “bill of lading” securely between all interested parties. The idea has many other applications, and even the United Nations is interested.

A disposable smartphone charger

Israeli startup mobeego is launching its mobeego disposable charger, which can provide up to 4 hours of charge to any smartphone battery. The charging unit weighs 24gms and will be on sale for $2.50 each at kiosks, stations, airports, stores, sports and entertainment venues.

Open the bottle to make a wish

Coca-Cola Israel worked with Gefen Team and Qdigital, to produce special bottles that, on opening, sends a Wi-Fi signal to a mini drone (unmanned plane) that then flies to 1,000 feet and releases a firework, to resemble a shooting star. It just shows what technology can do.

Israeli eyes for London trucks

London Mayor Boris Johnson revealed during his Israel visit that London is purchasing 200 multi-vision smart sensors from Israel’s Mobileye. They will give drivers of London’s refuge trucks “a third eye” to help them avoid collisions with cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Testing mobile apps

Over 1500 customers, including about 50% of the Fortune 100 companies, use Israel’s Perfecto Mobile to test their mobile apps. Perfecto has just raised another $35 million of funding.



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Source: United with Israel