Prime Minister Netanyahu in a video addressing the theft of millions in humanitarian aid by Hamas

In the aftermath of the revelation that a Hamas operative stole tens of millions of dollars from an Evangelical charity, usurping the funds for terrorist uses, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video in which he assured the Palestinian people that he cares more for them than their own government does.

Last week, the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, revealed that Gazan civil engineer, Muhammad Halab, had infiltrated World Vision International, a massive Evangelical Christian charitable organization which is active in over 90 countries worldwide and has a presence in Gaza. Halab used his position in the organization, misappropriating 60 percent of the organizations budget equalling tens of millions of charity dollars intended for humanitarian purposes. The money was used instead by the Al-Kassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, to purchase weapons, build terror tunnels, and for other decidedly non-humanitarian projects. In some cases, food purchased by the charity was redirected from hungry Gazan civilians and sent instead to  Hamas battalions in Northern Gaza.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a video on his official Facebook page in which he reacted to this despicable act.

“Innocent and impoverished Palestinians were denied vital aid supplied from nations around the world,” the Prime Minister said in the video. “Hamas used this stolen money to build a war machine to murder Jews. I want you to think about that. Let that sink in. Hamas stole critical support for Palestinian children so that they could kill our children.”

“So I ask you—who cares more about Palestinians? Israel, that facilitates the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, every single day?” Netanyahu asked. “Or Hamas, that robs Palestinian children of that very same aid? Israel, that treats wounded Palestinians from Gaza in its hospitals?Or Hamas that prevents injured Palestinians from getting help? Imagine, just imagine, where we might all be if Palestinian leaders cared as much about helping their own people as they did about hurting our people. The Palestinian people deserve better.”

This video comes after a similar video in which the Prime Minister expressed horror at an incident in which an Arab father sent his toddler son to throw rocks at IDF troops, urging the soldiers to shoot the boy. Incredibly, the father was hoping a video of his son’s death could be used as a propaganda tool against Israel.

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