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Israel is maintaining a strict policy of fairness and impartiality regarding the US elections, ensuring that Israeli officials do not appear to demonstrate favor for one candidate over another.

David Friedman, an American Jewish lawyer who serves as an adviser to Republican nominee Donald Trump, met with senior Israeli officials in Jerusalem this week.

In addition, a senior official in Jerusalem said that parallel to Friedman’s visit, one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s advisers also met with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s team in the United States, according to Haaretz. Netanyahu has reportedly set a strict policy in which Israel would maintain an unbiased position in the US presidential election.

“The prime minister’s directive was clear – if we meet with one side we have to meet in parallel with the other side,” said the senior Israeli official. “We track every few meetings to ensure there is no advantage to one side.”

The senior official said that Friedman’s meeting dealt with a diplomatic-security briefing, which included Israel’s positions on various issues.

Friedman, who has served as a lawyer to Trump for more than 15 years, is rumored to be the Republican nominee’s top choice to serve as US ambassador to Israel if Trump is elected.

Trump is also reportedly planning a trip to Israel.

By: and United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel