Palestinians protest Kushner

This smash hit on Palestinian TV refers to America as the “darkness,” commanding listeners to “break its horn and cut off its tail!”

The Alashekeen Band was declared a “national institution” by Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in 2010, and is apparently still churning out the hits.

Currently, Alashekeen has a catchy little ditty called “Son of the Sun” taking Palestinian TV by storm. The tune is all about America and its leader Donald Trump’s administration, and it is hardly a love song. “Tell him: Leave, O Darkness! Stop trying in every way,” commands the song. “Monster with horns dragging a tail. Break its horn and cut off its tail! The merchant has changed his tune. He knocks on the door with his fangs.”

If songs like “Son of the Sun” are any indication, the Palestinians may be simply unprepared to accept any peace plan emanating from the Trump administration.

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Source: United with Israel