Yesterday, Breaking Israel News reported on widespread rumors circulating the internet claiming that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a heart attack and died.

And although it may not be true, the it begs the question, why not simply dispel the rumors? All Erdogan needs to do is go on camera and address the “conspiracy theorists”.

“Erdogan heart attack” and “Erdogan died” were popular searches on 23/7 (courtesy: Google)

Or how about a tweet? Surely that doesn’t require too much effort. Erdogan hasn’t tweeted since July 20.

Sure, he could be taking a break from Twitter, but if there are a lot of people out there that think you’re dead, wouldn’t it make sense to show some sort of proof of life?

Erdogan’s last tweet was on July 20 (courtesy: Twitter)

This isn’t the first time Erdogan was suspected of having a heart attack. Back in April of 2016, Erdogan was also rumored to have suffered a heart attack. But after the rumors floated around, he immediately denied them saying “I was in a rush to attend a meeting but they say ‘Erdogan suffered a heart attack’. I am safe and sound” the Turkish president said in a statement.

Erdogan was born in 1954 and is 65-years-old. His rumored health issues are not exclusive to heart attacks. Erdogan was also rumored in the past to have cancer which he outright denied in an interview with Hurriyet Daily News.

So whether he is dead or alive, the conspiracy theorists will have a field day until he finally shows us that he’s alive. Unless, he really isn’t.

Source: Israel in the News