US Elections: How Trump Invested in Judea and Samaria

Avi Abelow, head of Israel Video Network spoke about the US elections with Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz. “We shouldn’t put our trust in politicians. We should put our trust in the one above” Abelow reminded God-fearing viewers.

“God is running things even if he sometimes says no to the politician we voted for.”

“Israel and America are two countries who were founded on Biblical principles that God gave man freedom, not man gave man freedom” he added.

On the topic of censorship on social media, Below speaks from experience as one of the first companies targeted by censorship in 2016, Abelow foresaw Facebook’s censorship and even built those provisions into his business plan.

Israel activist Ruth Jaffe Lieberman joined the show noting improvements with the US relationship vis-a-vis Judea and Samaria saying: “Working with the state department now on issues point by point to fix what was broken has been really a pleasure because you’re working with people who are not only open to changing things and to redoing what was done, but people who understand, people who spent a lot of time here.”

She also noted how secretary  of State Pompeo and other unnamed US officials who finally challenged UN condemnations of the Jewish state.

Abelow then referred to Jerusalem’s announcement of the building of 5,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria “we didn’t hear a sound.” He contrasted this to Obama who not only criticized building in Judea and Samaria but even in Jerusalem. He also noted recent academic ties between the US and Ariel University in Samaria.


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