Is Biblical Government Better than American Government? 2020 Election Analysis

Former MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick joined Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz to weigh in on the US elections.

Before he began his interview, Rabbi Glick sounded the shofar which he mentioned is to be blown when a new king is announced.

Noting that the swing state of Pennsylvania ends with ‘ya,’ (a Hebrew word for God)the rabbi said that we can still call out to God for help.

“The embassy of Jerusalem is irreversible” he added. Regarding Trump’s tenure, “We had a wonderful four years” he added. He anticipates “more and more Muslims” siding with Israel adding that as the children of Abraham, they too are returning to God. He also claims that 80% of Muslims want the Temple Mount to be a “house of prayer for all.”

On his recently announced run for president of Israel, Rabbi Glick says that: “I’m right now on a journey even though in Israel, the president is chosen by the Knesset, I’m on a journey meeting with people from all over the country but I also want to be to be very much involved in strengthening the relationship between Israel and the Jewish diaspora and also making sure Israel puts on the table its special assignment of being a light upon the nations a source of blessing to the nations.”
On the possibility of reinstating the monarchy in Israel, Rabbi Glick explained that “A monarchy doesn’t have to be totalitarianism.”


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