The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: “an important book,” says PA TV

Already in 1921, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was exposed as a malicious antisemitic forgery, still Hitler disseminated it in the 1930s to generate hatred of Jews. The significant detail that the book is a forgery has not stopped the Palestinian Authority from presenting it to its people as an authentic Jewish document, describing in precise detail the Jews’ plan to subjugate humanity. It was published in Russia in 1903, translated into multiple languages, feeding Antisemitism everywhere it was published.

Now PA TV has again presented it not only as a true work but an “important book” in an educational PA TV filler about a Lebanese historian who translated it. The historian named Ajaj Nuwayhed, who PA TV describes as having made a deep “cultural and intellectual contribution,” was quoted in the introduction to the second edition of his translation  of The Protocols from 1980, as follows:

“When we asked for the author’s [Nuwayhed’s] permission to print a second edition we asked him to write a new introduction, and he responded: ‘What has changed in the Zionist plan such that we should change the first edition’s introduction?’ Between the two editions a period of 15 years have passed that were packed with events constituting an irrefutable indication that everything that appears in the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion] has been done by the elders of the Zionist enemy, and emphasizing that the enemy is determined to continue his criminal plan.”

The following is how PA TV in its educational filler describes this Lebanese disseminator of Antisemitism:

“[Lebanese historian] Ajaj Nuwayhed wrote innumerable articles and studies in newspapers and magazines in the fields of culture, history, and politics. Beyond this, he left a mark on the Arab library that testifies to the depth of his cultural and intellectual contribution. Among the most important of his books… [is] his important book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which he translated.”

[Official PA TV filler on Lebanese historian Ajaj Nuwayhed, Nov. 14, 2020]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the PA has presented The Protocols as an authentic document in the past as well, and referred to Nuwayhed’s translation of the book as one of his “most outstanding” works. A Fatah spokesperson claimed that The Protocolsinstructs “the Zionists” to create “extremist” Islamic “religious streams” that will undermine Arab regimes by causing “internal disputes,” while the host of a program on Islam on official PA TV claimed that the Jews had already begun to implement several stages of “the plan” set out in The Protocols.

The Palestinian Authority/Fatah has likewise said that there is a Jewish plan to subjugate humanity. In an educational documentary published by Fatah’s educational division last year and publicized on Fatah’s official Facebook page, this is how Fatah described Jews:

  • “The [Jewish] tribe led the project to enslave humanity”
  • “[The Jews] were hated because of their racism and their filthy behavior”
  • The Jews allied with Nazis to burn Jews “to accumulate wealth”
  • The Jews say: “Only we are people, and all the others are our animals”
  • The Jews established “ghettos in order to separate from other people out of arrogance and disgust for non-Jews”  

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