Netanyahu calls for new way of selecting judges in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Monday for reforming the way that judges are selected with Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin of the Likud Party proposing a new way to do so.

“It is necessary that most of the public understands that we need fundamental reforms of this system. It cannot continue [as is],” said Netanyahu at a Likud meeting.

“Today, we don’t have the necessary majority, but I think it will soon change,” he added.

The Judicial Appointments Committee selected 61 new judges on Sunday, despite a boycott by three coalition Knesset members.

Meanwhile, the Knesset speaker proposed changes to the way judges are chosen. Levin’s plan would have the cabinet select justices, instead of the current system of a panel that includes members of the government, Knesset, the court and the Israel Bar Association, reported The Times of Israel.

The plan would most likely not pass in the current Knesset and but seems more like a proposal made in order to gain votes in the next election.

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