Raja Zaatry (Hadash) compared ISIS genocides to those of Zionist fighters before the establishment of the state of Israel. He also demonstrated support for Syrian President Assad and called Hamas as well as Hezbollah “freedom fighters”. None of those statements prevented Zaatra, a member of Haifa’s city hall, from accessing sensitive security information in the northern port city reports Yirael Hayom.

A document revealed by the news outlet shows that the Communist party Hadash’s secretary-general in the mixed Arab-Jewish city and a member of the city council were appointed to the Haifa’s security committee. One Haifa municipality official stated that Zaatry’s appointment as a member of the security committee has shocked senior security officials who coordinate with Haifa’s municipal security committee.

That’s because as a member of the committee, discussions are held regarding the city’s emergency readiness, the location of strategic civilian infrastructure in the city as well as other security-related issues. “Membership of the municipal security committee does not require special security classification,” a senior official was quoted as saying, “but it is a rather bizarre decision to appoint someone with Zaatry’s opinions, specifically to a committee dealing with sensitive security issues relating to the city’s defense against missile attack and hostile terrorist activity.”

The name Raja Zaatry might sound familiar. That’s because a coalition agreement was signed between Haifa’s elected mayor, Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, and Hadash, Zaatry whereby he was supposed to be appointed Deputy Mayor in 2018. But a massive public outrage over his alleged support for terrorism, Zatara deferred his appointment.

Kalish Rotem, didn’t withdraw support for the agreement claiming that what Zaatry said is protected under freedom of expression. However, she did say that she would respect his decision to step down. Coincidentally, Rotem’s demand to withdraw Za’atra’s remarks about his support for Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as his comparisons of ISIS to Zionism, was removed from the city’s agenda

In a motion filed by City Council members Shai Abuchatzira and Uri Greenberger at the behest of  Yona Yahav, the City Council, which has fallen victim to numerous terror attacks, clarifies that they  consider Hamas to be an all-encompassing terrorist organization, and that The Haifa City Council, which has been hit by a Hezbollah missile attack in the 2006 Lebanon War, rejects of any support for Hezbollah Secretary Hassan Nasrallah and / or Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“To the astonishment of opposition members, Kalish Rotem and her deputy, Nachshon Tsuk,  demanded that they remove the proposal from the agenda, along with a majority of 15 supporters.

In a reference to allegations facing PM Netanyahu, Raja Za’atara said in response: “I did not bribe anyone for cigars, champagne, and jewelry. I did not scalp submarines and didn’t extort the media. Our son in a democratic election. If someone thinks that there is a legal hurdle that should stop me from serving on the security committee, they are welcome to approach the attorney general. I will continue to serve the residents of Haifa – the Arabs and Jews who voted for us in a democratic election ” Haifa Mayor Einat Kalish Rotem refused to respond.

Source: Israel in the News