Three weeks ago, several Hamas terrorists launched a hunger strike in prison. The strike was called to protest the installation of cellular phone blockers inside the complex. Approximately 100 prisoners participated in the hunger strike to express their outrage reports 0404.

But last week, the terrorist prisoners announced that they will end the hunger strike and resume eating after realizing that the Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) wouldn’t remove the barriers. Additionally, as the IPS previously stated, the cellphone reception blocker installation plan will be extended to all security prisons throughout Israel.

Furthermore, every terrorist prisoner that joined the strike was placed in solitary confinement with nothing but a mattress and blanket. For any further disciplinary violation they committed, they were fined and required to pay them even after the hunger strike ended.

An IPS spokesperson said: “It is important to emphasize that the hunger strike is the initiative of prisoners and is their sole responsibility and will bear responsibility for all of its consequences. The IPS has a zero-tolerance policy for any attempt to attack its staff and is prepared to deal with any threat or scenario whereby there is a breach of order or discipline in the security facilities. “

IPS commissioner Gonder Asher VaKnin responded saying: “IPS warriors are at the forefront of fighting terrorism with a real risk to their lives in working with security prisoners, facing all populations of prisoners jailed in its facilities with professionalism, strength and determination. I do not recommend that any of the prisoners test the IPS’s determination against any present and future threat.

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said: “It is my clear policy that no achievements shall be reached via terrorist hunger strikes, therefor, I instructed them not to negotiate with the terrorists and this policy once again proved itself as it did during the hunger strike that was lead by (terrorist mastermind Marwan) Barghouti two years ago. Cellular phone blockers will be installed in all security prisons and we will continue to work to reduce the conditions under which terrorists are subjected to the minimum amount required by law. “

Source: Israel in the News