Tel Aviv: Mass terror shooting miraculously fails last minute

A miraculous event occurred in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. A 22-year old Arab resident of Jaffa went to the Tel Aviv boardwalk on Herbert Samuel street with an automatic weapon and threatened to start shooting reports 0404.

The boardwalk is a strip of land adjacent to the Tel Aviv shore that is crowded with beachgoers, especially during the current holiday of Sukkot.

Residents in the area then yelled “terrorist! terrorist!” According to witnesses, the terrorist tried to open fire but his uzi automatic weapon got jammed up.

Below is an image of the terrorist’s uzi sub-machine gun with a silencer.

At that point, a 30-year-old man wrestled with the terrorist suffered light injuries to his head. Another woman at the scene was taken in for trauma.

The terrorist was arrested by the police who are “investigating” the motive.


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