In an interview with Israel’s Kan News Network, head of the Joint Arab list, Ayman Odeh refused to condemn the actions of Samir Kuntar, an Arab terrorist who crushed the skull of a 4-year old girl. Odeh also refused to condemn the terrorists who killed Dvir Sorek h”yd.

Odeh leads the third biggest party following Tuesday’s elections which means that if Netanyahu gets his way, and Gantz’s Blue and White party join Bibi’s government, Odeh will lead Israel’s opposition.

When asked about another member of his party who publicly demonstrated support for Kuntar, Odeh dodged the question saying: “Listen, Arab Israelis have been here since 1948, there are no barriers between us. Every Arab can go to Tel Aviv whenever he wants.”

The host pressed the question saying in an accusatory manner: “Support for terror, support for a terrorist.”

Odeh: Do you know a minority with more self-control than Arab Israelis?

Host: The acts of Samir Kuntar – does he disgust you can you give a yes or no answer?

Odeh: I will tell you, I will tell you the main problem – every injury to an innocent citizen…

(At this point, the host interrupted him and referred to Sorek) saying: Soldier, with payot (side-locks) who is entering a Yeshiva (seminary)

Odeh: I’m not talking about a soldier now, I’m talking about a civilian, after we’ll discuss soldiers. Any harm to a civilian needs to be opposed. But when you talk about soldiers, they too are people under their uniforms. They are people with fathers, mothers and a family. To save everyone, we need to end the occupation. The one who wants to save the Jews and Palestinians is me who wants peace and end this evil occupation.

Host: Dvir Sorek, do you condemn his death?

Odeh: I won’t play the condemnation game!

The interview ended with Odeh reiterating his opposition to the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria.

Source: Israel in the News