Every day, Breaking Israel News will be featuring one of the seventeen victims of Arab terror in the current Jewish year of 5779.

Today, we will profile Moshe Feder z”l.

68-year-old Moshe Feder was killed by an anti-tank missile that was fired at his vehicle from Gaza in June.

Below is a video of the bus that was right next to Moshe’s car when it was hit by the missile

And although I’m supposed to talk about Moshe, I want to first talk about his partner – Iris.

Moshe Feder and Iris Eden (courtesy)

That’s because before Iris lost her partner for 17 years, she lost her first husband in a military helicopter crash 22 years ago.

Iris Eden’s husband, Lieutenant Yashish Eden, died in 1997 when two Israeli Air Force helicopters carrying IDF soldiers collided mid-air, killing all 73 passengers on board. And now, in June, a man that Iris calls “the second love of her life” was tragically killed as well.

“It’s a horrible tragedy,” said Iris. “Me and Moshe were together for 17 happy years. For me and for my three sons he was a powerful male figure to rely on … he was a wonderful father and a proud grandfather.

“Life threw many curve balls my way after my husband died, and I would not have been able to overcome them without Moshe,” she said. “The two loves of my life both went up in flames, one in a helicopter and the other in a car” she added.

The couple met five years following the death of Iris’s first husband, a reserve IAF pilot.

Yashish and Iris Eden on a hike in the Negev desert in 1975 (courtesy)
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In a 2017 interview, Iris talked about the connection Moshe had with her three children from the previous marriage. “The three boys lost a father figure and I, as a mother, never tried to take his place, and I also never looked for someone to replace him,” she said. “A woman can find herself another partner, but the children can never find another dad.

“The reason why Moshe was successful in connecting with the children is because he never attempted to take Yashish’s place.”

Feder, a Kfar Saba resident, left behind two children of his own – Amit, 35, and Nimrod, 34.

But while many people might be angry at God, Iris has a more optimistic outlook -“I’m not wondering ‘Why me?’ I’m just grateful for the wonderful years we’ve had together and for the memories they left me with,” she said.

And although her optimism is important, it doesn’t always last on its own. That’s because without outside support, many of these families can easily collapse finding themselves steeped in a dark depression and even debt.

This is especially true for people like his daughter Amit who said that she “can’t sleep or function both as a mother and at work” and that she still “hasn’t recovered” from her father’s unexpected death adding that the pain “isn’t leaving.”

But this is where you can step in and help. That’s because Israel365 has launched a campaign to provide financial support for families who have lost their loved ones to terrorist attacks.

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We can’t prevent the next terror attack, but victims can at the very least find peace of mind in knowing that the nations of the world have their back when the unthinkable happens.

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And blessed be Hashem Most High, Who has delivered your foes into your hand.” And [Avram] gave him a tenth of everything (Genesis 14:20)

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Source: Israel in the News