Ahmad Abu Sukkar

As part of Fatah’s campaign to glorify the murder of innocent Israelis, it implored Palestinian parents to “share” the details of a horrendous terror attack “so that our children will know about it.”

By: United with Israel Staff and PMW

The Palestinian Fatah party, lead by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, is encouraging Palestinian parents to teach their children about a terror bombing in which 15 Israelis were murdered and over 60 wounded in 1975 as a legacy which should be emulated.

In a Facebook message posted on the anniversary of the attack, Fatah wrote about the terror attack in which terrorist Ahmad Jabara Abu Sukkar filled a refrigerator with explosives and had it driven to the center of Jerusalem where it was detonated.

Abu Sukkar, a senior advisor to Yasser Arafat, was arrested and sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years, but was released from prison after 28 years as part of a goodwill gesture from Israel to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2003. He died of a heart attack in 2013.

“Share so that our children will know about it,” Fatah implored Palestinian parents in the post.

Fatah has glorified this murderous attack for years as the “refrigerator operation.”

Fatah also honored the terrorist himself by posting three photos of him.

“38 years since the refrigerator operation, which caused the death of 13 [sic.] Israelis, in Jerusalem’s markets. Share so that our children will know about it,” Fatah wrote.

Poisoning the Minds of Palestinian Children

Fatah and the (PA) regularly target kids with propaganda that promotes violence, as documented in depth by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a watchdog that monitors Palestinian incitement to terrorism and anti-Semitism.

The PA educational system routinely poisons the minds of Palestinian children by educating them to hate Israel and Israelis through terror-promoting messages. It even uses cultural mediums such as school plays, sports events and summer camps for this heinous objective.

Fatah in December 2017 posted on its Twitter account a photo of a young boy using a slingshot to shoot stones, along with instructions on how best to throw rocks.

“If you did not understand this, read it again, and if you still have not understood, here is an example picture for you,” Fatah posted.

In November 2017, a Palestinian youth magazine taught its young and impressionable readers that Islam orders them to throw rocks at Jews.

“The way the Palestinian Authority educates its children will determine if there can be peace in the future,” PMW has previously stated. “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly professes to foreign audiences his desire for peace between Israel and a Palestinian state living side by side. However, with the prevalence of this type of hate and terror promotion, PA schools themselves are a great impediment to peace.”

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Source: United with Israel