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Israel’s Agency for International Development believes in the power of cooperation, fraternity and mutual assistance, sending aid to the all corners of the world and helping train thousands of individuals in dozens of countries during its 60-plus years of existence.

By: United with Israel Staff

Israel’s Mission to the United Nations (UN) on Monday opened a special exhibit showcasing six decades of the Jewish state’s humanitarian missions around the globe through MASHAV.

Titled “Placing People at the Heart of Development,” the exhibit focuses on MASHAV- Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.

A special joint publication by MASHAV and the UN Office for South-South Cooperation titled “South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Action: MASHAV – 60 Years of Development Cooperation” was also presented in honor of the event.

“Our commitment to development cooperation around the world results from the values cherished by the state of Israel and serves as one of the cornerstones of our foreign policy,” Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said ahead of the event.

“We are proud of MASHAV and the programs they develop in cooperation with both individual countries and the UN as they inspire real change across the globe,” he continued.

Honored to Share its Unique Experience with 140 Countries

The exhibit tells the story in pictures of six decades of Israel’s international development cooperation program. Held in conjunction with the Permanent Mission of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the event also celebrates the special ties between the two countries and the thousands of Ethiopian professionals who have taken part in MASHAV programs over the years.

“Israel has focused intensively on international assistance and development for over sixty years and has been honored to share its unique experience with 140 countries to date through the 300,000 participants in our programs,” said Ambassador Gil Haskel, the head of MASHAV.

“We are very proud to present the story of Israel’s international cooperation in the United Nations – an organization composed of so many of Israel’s many international partners,” he added.

Led by a strong belief in the power of development cooperation, international fraternity and mutual assistance, MASHAV has trained more than 300,000 men and women in dozens of countries such as India, Ghana, Columbia, and Swaziland in a broad variety of fields for over 60 years, sending aid to all corners of the world.

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) is a knowledge hub providing advisory and consulting services to developing countries to help them overcome challenges on a variety of fronts.

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Source: United with Israel