In a current campaign ad, Labour chose to specifically include Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, while explicitly excluding Jews.

By United with Israel Staff

With UK elections right around the corner, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party continues to be confronted with new charges of anti-Semitism on a nearly daily basis.

On Friday, Corbyn tweeted out a promotional video that tells minorities “a Labour government will value you.”

“If you wear a hijab, turban, cross, if you are black, white, Asian, if you are disabled, if you are old, if you are young, if you don’t have a trust fund, if you didn’t go to Oxbridge, if you are working class, if you are under 18, … a Labour government will value you,” the video’s voice-over intones.

In the ad, Labour chose to specifically include Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, while explicitly excluding Jews.

Jonathan Goldstein, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, told the Jewish Chronicle that the failure to mention the Jewish community is “extraordinary and chilling.”

“To deliberately create and promote a video which talks about minority communities in this current climate and not mention the Jewish community really shows the blind spot that the Labour Party has,” he said. “It shows they don’t regard the Jewish community or antisemitism as equal to other communities or racism of other types.”

Daniel Sugarman, Public Affairs Officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, took to Twitter to point out the hypocrisy.

“You’re a party being investigated by the EHRC [National Executive Committee] over claims of institutional antisemitism. Your latest response is to release a video assuring pretty much every other group which faces discrimination that you’re here for them. But not Jews. Subtle,” tweeted Sugarman,

“Why not just end off with a postscript reading ‘Not you, Jews’?” he added.

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Source: United with Israel