Newly Released FBI Documents Hint: Israel Secretly Helped Trump Win 2016 Election

Dozens of affidavits that were filed by the FBI as part of Trump adviser Roger Stone’s investigations as well as his trial were released on Tuesday after several press outlets petitioned for their disclosure.

The agents’ affidavits featured references to the State of Israel as well as the “Prime Minister.” They described how there is an uncertain interference with what the document only refers to as the ‘October surprise’. This ‘surprise’ was apparently a ploy to damage Hilary Clinton in favor of Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 election campaign. The details however, are completely blacked out in the depositions.

Stone was President Trump’s close adviser. He was also the subject of Special Investigator Robert Mueller’s prosecutors who investigated him on charges of investigating Russian collusion in the 2016 election campaign. Stone was convicted and sentenced to over three years in prison in February 2020 . He has yet to begin serving time. Stone’s trial was dotted with tweets from President Trump who demanded he be granted a light sentence.

According to one of the affidavits, the Israeli connection was initially mentioned when Stone arranged to meet with  conservative author Jerome Corsi.

On August 20, 2016, Corsi wrote to Stone suggesting they meet with a (blacked out) contact to make a decision on what and if Israel plans to do in October 2016.

On June 28, 2016, in different section of the affidavit, a contact (blacked out) wrote “I am returning to Washington DC after urgent consultations with the Prime Minister in Rome. Must meet with you on Wednesday night and Trump on Thursday in New York. “

And although the identity of the contact is blackened in the affidavit the contact is referred to as “Prime Minister.” Globes speculates that the ‘Prime Minister’ is referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he was in Rome at the same time as on June 27.

Additionally, the backdrop of Netanyahu’s meeting in Rome was reconciliation with Turkey. According to Politico, the ‘October surprise’ reveals clues about an attempt to obtain some sort of damaging information held by Turkey’s government.

On July 8, in another email, the contact writes: “Hey Roger, did you manage to reschedule the meeting with Trump? The PM is pressing hard for a quick decision. Thanks for the help”.

Stone replied to the email saying that he will not be able to attend the meetings as he was sick adding: “In any case, you can’t just bring a military man (General ZD) with you, without updating me. R.”‘


Source: Israel in the News