Brooklyn, NY: Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Frankel, also known as the Rimenover Rebbe, issued an unequivocal order last week for Jews in the diaspora to leave their homes and immigrate to Israel before a civil war breaks out in the United States reports Bhadrei Haharedim.

Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Frankel (courtesy: screenshot)
Rabbi Frankel is an heir of Menachem Mendel of Rimanov—who was among the early promoters of the Hasidic movement in Poland.
He has been active recently years on social media, especially with his lectures on YouTube, which are usually on the subject of the coming of Moshiach.
But while on a visit to South-American and French Jews who have moved to Florida, Rabbi Frankel was unusually specific about the urgent need to return to Israel and aliyah now: “Leave while it’s possible. Things will get worse and it will be difficult to move from one country to another” the rabbi said.
“After World War II, the survivors came and asked why the Gedolim and the Rebbes (rabbis) did not order European Jews to leave while there was still time and emigrate to Israel or the United States before the war broke out,” Rabbi Frankel told the audience attending his lecture. “Truth be told, they (the rabbis) said and then some, they begged the Jews to flee the scorched earth, but part of the decree was that the Jews didn’t listen.”
“Today,” he continued “Listen to me well, dear Jews, whoever can afford to rise and ascend to the Holy Land should it as soon as possible, and this includes large parts of South America and most of Europe. The US will also become a dangerous place mired in war, and it is still too early to tell which US state will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, and a civil war will break out within the US. And states will secede from the federal government. The US will no longer be a place of refuge, but there will be a Jewish remnant here. The Land of Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, even though there will be terrible difficulties there as well.”
Regarding Chabad emissaries, who serve across the globe as unofficial spiritual ambassadors for Jews worldwide, the Brooklyn based Rabbi said that they can remain in the American exile as long as they have real work to do. However he added that they should encourage Jews to go to Israel and flee, and wherever their activity ends, the mission is over and they must leave the city in which they were operating.
“If I could do it myself, I would get up and immigrate to Israel and pray on its soil, but what can I do, I don’t have permission to do so – in Heaven they’re holding me back for the time being, to stay here in the US,” the prominent rabbi lamented.

Source: Israel in the News