New Bill: Companies Donating Unused Food to Enjoy Tax-Break

A bill that reduces tax rates for companies that donate uneaten food was proposed to the Knesset. One organization, Meir Panim, is ahead of its time-fighting food insecurity in Israel well before the bill was even proposed. 

A bill that reduces tax rates for companies who donate uneaten food was proposed to the Knesset by MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh (Blue and White) reports the Jpost

The bill proposal is an amendment of the Income Tax Ordinance. It would enable additional tax benefits of up to 50% to food companies that donate to organizations distributing food to the hungry. The bill has been submitted to the parliamentary legislative system and is awaiting approval by the legal branch to be placed on the Knesset agenda.

If the bill is approved, it will not just promote food security, it will also help neutralize both the economic and environmental adverse effects caused by food waste. 

“In the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, with all its know-how and technological capabilities, there is no reason for people to go hungry,” explained Cotler-Wunsh.

One organization that has been fighting food insecurity in Israel well before the bill was even proposed is Meir Panim. Meir Panim, best known for its signature Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens, is an innovator in transferring unused food to the mouths of Israel’s hungry.

They do this by collecting high-quality surplus food from hotels and restaurants and restaurants that would have otherwise been thrown out in the trash. Meir Panim recognized the issue of food waste and turned it into an opportunity to help in its fight against poverty. 

However, due to the Coronavirus-crisis, it has been a struggle for Meir Panim to keep up with the increased needs of new Israeli’s experiencing poverty because it faces so many added costs, especially since many food vendors are closed and without excess food to donate. And since they are the recipients of the food, they will not benefit from the proposed tax break.

That’s why the organization is turning to friends of Israel worldwide for help. In other words, if you haven’t been financially affected by the corona crisis, or if you’ve only been affected minimally, now can be your chance to show your appreciation with a donation of any amount to Meir Panim. Especially with 2020 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to donate and receive your tax deduction before 2021. 

Food insecurity rates in Israel are rising every day. Meir Panim is dealing with this issue on the front lines. But they can’t fight it alone. Help feed Israel’s hungry. Help ensure no food gets wasted while fighting against food insecurity in Israel by donating to Meir Panim today


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