Guns, Drugs, and Swastikas: Neo-Nazi Ring Busted in Spain

Guns, Drugs, and Swastikas: Neo-Nazi Ring Busted in Spain
Nazi memorabilia

Spanish police seize 160 firearms destined for drug gangs, as well as a home museum of Nazi memorabilia.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

Spain’s Guardia Civil national police announced Monday they had broken up a major supply chain of illegal weapons destined for drug trafficking gangs, arresting three men including one with links to neo-Nazi movements.

The Guardia Civil seized 160 firearms including 30 assault rifles and submachine guns as well as 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 270 magazines, gun silencers, an anti-tank grenade and three pounds of explosives.

The three suspects arrested are two Germans citizens and one British man who have all been charged with membership in a criminal organization, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking and forging documents.

One of the men is wanted by German police for similar charges while his fellow German has links to neo-Nazi groups.

Police said they had been operating for more than three years and had extensive facilities in their homes where after acquiring the guns they altered them in a home workshop. Some of the guns trafficked were used for drug theft and settling scores in inter-gang disputes.

One of the German suspects had been living in Coin, Malaga (Spain) for several years disguising himself as a simple pensioner. However, German police said he was wanted for questioning regarding an arsenal of weapons found in Hannover, Germany, a crime for which his partner was already serving time.

A search of the suspect’s home discovered the sophisticated workshop with power tools that were illegally connected to the electric supply to hide the amount of power being used. The second German suspect was responsible for the storage and concealment of weapons, which were packed and ready for distribution in a rented warehouse.

More shocking to police was the museum of Nazi-themed objects, uniforms and flags they found in the the German suspect’s home.

The British man arrested acted as the middleman between the Germans who supplied weapons to drug gangs in southern Spain, who were the customers. The Brit already has a criminal record with prior arrests for drug-trafficking and using forged documents for traveling.

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