Minks from Denmark may have Infected Israel with a new Strain of Coronavirus

Israel is now the country most recently infected by a new strain of the coronavirus that was first identified in mink farms in Denmark.

The World Health Organization announced last week that six countries, including Denmark and the US, reported new coronavirus cases linked to mink farms. Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden are the other nations. Denmark instituted stricter procedures after the virus jumped from minks to humans. Since June, 214 human cases of COVID-19 associated with mink farms have been identified in Denmark but only 12 cases were found to be a new vafiant of the novel coronavirus. The government ordered the slaughter of all the estimated 15-17 million minks in the country. 

The new strain, known as Cluster 5, may have decreased sensitivity to antibodies, which could impact future vaccines, although studies are still being conducted to verify this.

Three Israelis who recently returned from Denmark were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and it is believed they may have contracted the new strain. The Health Ministry is conducting genetic sequencing on samples from the three to check which strain they were infected with. 

The Health Ministry and Home Front Command are recommending that all travelers from Denmark enter quarantine and be tested for the new strain.

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