Latest ISIS Atrocity: A Fatwa Against Infants With Down Syndrome

A disabled child in ISIS territory. (Photo: Screenshot/Mosul Eye)

An ISIS Sharia judge has issued a chilling fatwa, or religious legal ruling, which orders the killing of babies with Down Syndrome and other birth defects, according to a report by the Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye. The group posted on its Facebook page that more than 38 children between the ages of one week and three months have already been killed by lethal injection or suffocation.

The ruling was issued by the ISIS Sharia board, and specifically by a Saudi Sharia judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi. The fatwa authorizes ISIS members to “kill newborn babies with Down Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children”, according to the report.

Mosul Eye’s video report said that the executions took place in ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Mosul in northern Iraq. The babies killed were mostly the children of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian, and Asian women.

Understanding the Holocaust with Renowned Educator Hanoch Teller

The execution of disabled children was also a common practice in Nazi Germany, where the practice of child euthanasia was a precursor to the wholesale killing of millions. At least 5,000 disabled children were killed in over 30 “special children’s wards”, which were set up with the specific purpose of executing children with disabilities or deformities.

ISIS is already well-known for its genocidal agenda against non-Muslims, its brutal mass killings, and its apocalyptic vision of an Islamic-dominated world cleansed of all other religions. This latest atrocity marks yet another parallel between the Islamic and Nazi states.

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