Keynote Speaker at Palestine Book Fair Says Jews Made Up Their History

Keynote Speaker at Palestine Book Fair Says Jews Made Up Their History
Rima Khalaf

Rima Khalaf claimed that Jews have nothing to do with Israel, an ironic statement in light of the fact Palestinians literally have no history as a people before Zionism.

By The Algemeiner

The keynote speaker at the recent Palestine Book Fair was Rima Khalaf, the former United Nations (UN) official with a history of making up lies about Israel. She was forced to resign when she issued a report calling Israel an apartheid state, something even the UN couldn’t countenance.

Previously, she had — as a UN official — supported BDS, praised Arab regimes that were against normalizing relations with Israel, praised Egypt for launching the Yom Kippur War, and supported terror attacks by calling them “resistance.”

At the book fair, Khalaf said that “Zionists” made up history and that European Jews have nothing to do with Israel, essentially endorsing the antisemitic and absurd theory that Jews are Khazars:

“To market settler colonialism, oppression, and apartheid to a world weary of all, Zionism had to invent a new narrative — a false narrative that would normalize the abnormal, legitimize the blatantly illegal, and justify the morally repugnant. Zionist leaders understood early on that it wasn’t enough to win military conflicts. They also had to win the conflict of narratives which in the past proved to have a bigger effect on the trajectory of human history. …

“Zionism … had to reinvent Judaism and Jewry to fit its purposes, and it did. All of a sudden, the Jewish portion of Palestine’s history became the history of Europeans of the Jewish faith. Accordingly, the European Jews became the ‘rightful’ heirs to the land of Palestine. …

“This false narrative was needed to beautify what under any other circumstance would look ugly and appalling. It was also necessary to harness the religious feelings of European Jews and give their narrative priority over the religious feelings or national rights of anyone else involved.”

She is saying that European Jews have no ties to the Land of Israel, and that somehow, in a few decades, Zionists fooled millions of them into believing they were really descended from Jews of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

The projection is something to behold. Palestinians who have no history as a people before Zionism are claiming that it is the Jewish people who have a false history.

Denying a people’s heritage to make a bogus claim on land is a Palestinian Arab invention, not a Jewish one.

Elder of Ziyon has been blogging about Israel and the Arab world for a really long time now. He also controls the world, but deep down, you already knew that.


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