Israelis who Don’t Need their Corona-Relief Money are Donating it to those who Do

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last month that the government will be awarding a one-time payment for all Israeli adults to ease some of the financial pressure caused by the coronavirus-crisis, reports Calacalist.

Single people over the age of 18 without children will enjoy a NIS 750 (approximately $220) a payment, while a family with one child will get NIS 2,000 (approx. $580). Two-child Households will receive NIS 2,500 (approx. $730) while families with three or more children will receive NIS 3,000 (approx. $875).

“Why are we giving this money? We have to get the economy moving,” Netanyahu said. “This money will boost consumer spending and employment.”

What’s interesting is that this money is being provided to everyone – even those who don’t need it. So what are the recipients who haven’t been affected by the coronavirus-crisis doing with the money? Many are donating it to charity.

That’s what Mordechai Altose, head of operations at Israel365 did. And he couldn’t find a better organization to donate to than Meir Panim

That’s because Meir Panim is the first place Israelis turn to when they fall on hard times. Their Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens provide warm meals for impoverished Israelis throughout the country.

“Our family got about 2,000 shekels ($580) from the government” Altose told Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz. “Thank God we’re doing okay.” 

“So we, like many of the people at my synagogue, decided to donate our money to worthy causes and I know from a personal connection that Meir Panim is a very worthy cause. And they are truly helping people that have fallen on tough times especially in light of coronavirus.”

Meir Panim is currently accepting donations to help the influx of Israelis who have recently fallen below the poverty line. Click here to donate to Meir Panim today. 


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