Startup Emedgen is continuing to tweak its AI genetic technology to produce even faster and more accurate diagnostic results.

By United with Israel Staff

An Israeli startup company that works on genetic sequencing is working hard to ease the workload of geneticists worldwide, reports NoCamels.

Emedgen, is an Israeli startup company focused on scaling genomics-based care with artificial intelligence.

There are between 6,000 and 8,000 known rare diseases such as cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease that can be caused by just a single-letter DNA abnormality.

To track down and correctly identify the “needle in a haystack” is a time consuming and tenuous process for geneticists.

“The cost of genomic sequencing has dropped during the last years. It’s easy to get sequencing data but analyzing this data is where clinical labs are running into difficulty. There are only a few thousand geneticists worldwide. So they need help,” says Dr. Shay Tzur, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Emedgene.

That’s exactly why Emedgene strives to make a difference.

Emedgen’s revolutionary artificial intelligence technology can pinpoint the DNA anomaly at a remarkable pace, thus benefiting patients, with faster and more accurate results, to help start the right course of treatment as soon as possible.

“Genetic medicine will inevitably become the medical standard of care, if we can remove the hurdles to wider adoption. Emedgene does just that, with AI that can surface scientific knowledge in clinical settings, so that every patient has access to the best possible care,” says Emedgene co-founder Einat Metzer.

Emedgen’s technology has already resulted in success in genetic labs worldwide.

Greenwood Genetic Center in South Carolina reported that the AI technology slashed its turnaround times on genomic analysis by 75 percent.

“Emedgene’s machine learning simplifies the highly complex task of variant analysis, allowing us to handle more tests every day,” says Ray Louie, an assistant director in the center’s molecular diagnostic laboratory.

In addition to Greenwood Genetic Center, other genetic centers such as Baylor Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin have adopted Emedgen’s AI technology.

Despite Emedgen’s success, the startup is continuing to tweak its AI technology to produce even faster and more accurate diagnostic results.

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Source: United with Israel