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Police prevented two separate Palestinian terror attacks on Monday, both by female assailants – one in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the other in the Hebron region. 

Alert police officers in Jerusalem prevented a stabbing incident on Monday when they apprehended a Palestinian female teenager on her way to committing a terror attack.

Officers patrolling the Jewish Quarter in the Old City noticed a young Palestinian acting suspiciously. After approaching her with caution and searching her bag, they discovered that she was carrying a knife, apparently for use in an attack against Israelis.

The would-be-terrorist was taken for questioning. Police said she was 16 years old.

The police commander of the Old City praised the officers for their “operational alertness,” which, he said, “may have prevented the harming of innocent individuals.”

Similarly, IDF forces arrested a Palestinian female carrying a knife in the Hebron area earlier in the day. She, too, was likely attempting to commit a terror attack.

These incidents were the latest in a long series of almost-daily Palestinian terror attacks – some more than once a day – that have plagued Israelis over the course of three months, claiming the lives of 21 victims and wounding some 220.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel