The Islamic State has stepped up recruitment of so-called “sex jihadists” – volunteer female ISIS supporters who “strengthen the warriors’ family life” by providing sex and children.

ISIS is apparently increasing recruitment efforts through social media, posting pictures of female jihadists who sing the praises of “family life” under the Islamic caliphate and highlight the importance of producing children to continue the jihad into the future, reported Breitbart.

According to the ISIS advertisements, the sex jihadists, who are sympathetic to the radical Islamic cause, get great “satisfaction” from “providing the male warrior with the family life he yearns for.”

The women are formally married to ISIS fighters in order to give sexual comfort between battles, but are sometimes passed around between men with the permission of their husbands.

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However, an Egyptian surveillance unit which has issued warnings against the recruitment attempts says that the women are really just sex slaves.

Recruits who wish to sign up go through a tough screening process, said the watchdog unit. Women must be between 18-25 years of age. They are offered a monthly stipend of 25,000 Egyptian pounds – about $50 dollars – in exchange for their services.

Women who heed the call, especially western women, are often attempting to “atone” for for their past promiscuity, said the surveillance unit.

On the other side of the spectrum are the thousands of women and children who have been forcibly kidnapped or captured and forced into ISIS’s well-established system of sex slavery. Sex slaves, who are sometimes traded in open markets or through social media, are often tortured, raped and killed by ISIS militants.

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