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A new video describing how the land of Israel is truly the battleground between good and evil has revealed an incredible new understanding of Biblical forces in the literal land. The video was created by a young woman who sees Israel’s geography as a graphic demonstration of what she calls The Epic Battle of Duality.

Samantha Siegel created a stir two weeks ago when her video on the Dead Sea went viral. In the video, fish are seen in freshwater ponds that formed in the sinkholes surrounding the Dead Sea. She presented in this video a graphic image of Ezekiel’s prophecy coming to fruition. Her innate connection to the land brings out startling revelations.

Her newest video, entitled “Paranormal Biblical Geography”, begins with an overview of the significant nature of Israel’s location. Israel is at the southern edge of the Fertile Crescent, the region in the Middle East which curves, like a quarter-moon shape, from the Persian Gulf, through modern-day southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and northern Egypt. It is also referred to as the cradle of civilization, since some of the earliest civilizations developed there.

The geographical analysis begins at the northern tip of Israel is Mount Hermon. The  snow-capped mountain is the northern terminus of the Syrian Rift, a tectonic fault-line that runs for 3,700 miles. Mount Hermon is mentioned in the Bible as the home of the Nephilim (Giants).

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.  Genesis 6:4

There is indeed some evidence for this. Siegel notes that a strange site in the Golan named Gilgal Refaim (wheel of the giants) remains a mystery to archaeologists. Siegel quotes the Book of Enoch, attributed to the great-grandfather of Biblical Noah, an apocryphal second-century BCE source discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And they called it Mount Hermon because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. Book of Enoch 6:6

The Book of Enoch claims the name of the mountain is derived from the Hebrew word cherem, meaning “to be banished”. The Nephilim were banished, sent from heaven to earth, at Mount Hermon.

Israel at your fingers!

Siegel then moves to the Hermon’s geographical opposite: the Dead Sea, which, though in the south of Israel, is physically connected to Mount Hermon. The snows on Mount Hermon melt, flow down the Jordan River, and eventually fill the Dead Sea.

She notes that the valley, the deepest depression on the face of the planet, now filled with uninhabitable saltwater, was first encountered in the Bible as a fertile region.

All these came as allies unto the vale of Siddim–the same is the Salt Sea. Genesis 14:3

The Hebrew word Siddim can also be read Shedim (demons). Siegel suggests the saltiness of the Dead Sea can be likened to a salt circle used to ward off or contain demons.

According to a prophecy in Ezekiel, in the Messianic era, the Dead Sea will also be fed by the waters flowing down from Jerusalem. This will return the region to its former fertile condition, a veritable Garden of Eden which bears every fruit imaginable.

The word shad also means a milk-giving breast, indicating the life-giving aspect of the Valley of Siddim which will be revealed in the End of Days.

And by the river upon the bank thereof on this side and on that side shall grow every tree for food whose leaf shall not wither neither shall the fruit thereof fail; it shall bring forth new fruit every month because the waters thereof issue out of the sanctuary; and the fruit thereof shall be for food and the leaf thereof for healing. Ezekiel 4:12

Siegel ends her remarkable video by emphasizing that Israel is a land which holds contradictions and secrets. This tiny country nearly contains every type of climate, all in close proximity to each other. Similarly, the spiritual powers of light and darkness are contained so closely as to be easily confused. Israel contains places of holiness, but it also contains absolute evil.

This is due to “The Epic Battle of Duality” present in the land, said Siegel.

In spiritual terms, goodness and holiness are accompanied by evil and impurity. Darkness is attracted to light because evil has no power of its own. Evil uses the power of light, turning light into darkness. Siegel explains how the extreme nature of the land of Israel is just so because it is the source of holiness, but it is also the battleground between good and evil.

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