IDF’s precision-rocket battalion prepares for complex battlefield. Show your Support

IDF’s precision-rocket battalion prepares for complex battlefield. Show your Support

Under the cover of darkness in southern Israel, dozens of rockets pierced the night sky, flying out of their launch pods before exploding into targets some located dozens of kilometers away. The specialized drill—dubbed an “operational model” by the Israel Defense Forces’ Artillery Corps—was the peak point of a long process of improvement undertaken by Battalion 334, which is equipped with Romach (Hebrew for “spear”) rockets.

The rockets, made by Elbit Systems and which are known in English as Accular, are satellite-guided munitions designed to support ground forces. They are specially designed for urban warfare due to their rapid responsiveness.

According to the Elbit website, “Accular can neutralize targets to a range of up to 40 kilometers and is especially required in areas where the use of traditional artillery is limited by terrain, distance and accuracy.”

Lt. Col. Or Levy, commander of the 334th Battalion, served his entire IDF service in the battalion, including during the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

“We are looking to the future, and the Romach is a part of this future,” Levy said.

The Romach rockets are designed to destroy artillery targets on the modern battlefield with minimum collateral damage and are 10 times more effective than a standard explosive shell, delivering an accuracy hit within a radius of under 10 meters.

The IDF’s Romach rocket battalion is just one of many IDF forces faced with complex hurdles on the battlefield. None-the-less, all IDF soldiers deserve a little bit of recognition for the sacrifices they make to protect the land that God gave the Jewish people. The best part is – You can help.

You may be wondering – How can I, a private citizen thousands of miles away possibly support Israel’s brave warriors?

Easy – by making a donation to the Libi organization. American Friends of LIBI (LIBI USA) is a volunteer organization providing Israeli soldiers with Jewish and cultural awareness, welfare support, education, financial assistance, and recreational activities  for Israel’s troops..

Your contribution will go towards supporting social welfare programs not covered in the IDF’s defense budget. 

Now is your chance to show the IDF that you have their back. Let them know that when they set foot in the battlefield, friends of Israel worldwide are by their side in spirit. Don’t wait. Donate to Libi today.

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