How Brazil Helped the Palestinians Rewrite History and Steal the Temple Mount While Nobody Noticed

(Photo: Embaixada do Estado da Palestina no Brasil/Facebook)

In what may be seen as merely diplomatic maneuvering surrounding the Israeli ambassador in Brazil, a major attack has been waged against the Jewish right to Jerusalem, and it seems that Israel has already lost the battle in Brasilia.

This most recent battle began last December when Brazil refused to accept Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of  Dani Dayan as the Israeli ambassador. Brazil’s decision was based on Dayan’s background as a “settler” leader in a regional Judea and Samaria council.

The Israeli diplomatic mission to Brazil is still without an ambassador, but this snub is not limited to Dayan personally. It is part of a clear and unequivocal statement by the Brazilian government on its vision of the Middle East. Prime Minister Netanyahu has identified this as a battle line he will not cross, announcing to the Brazilians that it is Dayan or nothing. In response, Brazil has sent a shockingly clear message by way of the Palestinian Authority’s brand-new embassy in the South American country.

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The new PA embassy, inaugurated on February 4th, is a modest structure, with a striking design. It is octagonal, but its most prominent feature is the gold dome on its roof. Actually, the design is not unique or novel. The new Palestinian Embassy in Brazil is a scaled-down replica of the Dome of the Rock, unmistakable for what it represents, openly flaunting an ominous and threatening message to the world.

Photos of the inauguration ceremony posted on the embassy’s Facebook page feature embassy officials proudly wearing scarves that show the Dome of the Rock, and, more shockingly, a map of the Palestinian State that entirely takes the place of Israel.

The Palestinian Authority has 96 diplomatic and consular representations abroad, but this is the only one, or perhaps the first one, that seems to unequivocally state that the Palestinians will not be satisfied until they wrest the Temple Mount and Jerusalem entirely away from the Jews with no intention to negotiate.

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Brazil has given this vision its unstated but unmistakable support with this proud display of the new PA embassy, which is the first Palestinian diplomatic mission in the Western Hemisphere. The Palestinian dream of a one-state solution, with no place for the Jews, has found a home in Brasilia.

It may seem surprising that such a blatant act can go almost disregarded, its clear message unnoticed and unnoted, yet this wouldn’t be the first time the truth was casually discarded when it came to issues concerning the Temple Mount and the gold dome in particular.

When violence broke out in the Dome of the Rock in September, the entire Muslim world picked up the cry of “Al Aqsa” and waved banners of the octagonal shrine and its distinctive gold-covered dome. Yet the gold dome and the octagonal structure are not Al Aqsa. Al Aqsa is a mosque adjacent to the golden Dome of the Rock. It is capped with a dull silver dome. In a masterful sleight of hand that seems to have fooled the entire world, the Dome of the Rock, or Qubbat Al-Sakhrah in Arabic, is now being proclaimed to the world as Al Aqsa Mosque, and presented as the eternal symbol of the ancient Palestinian nation.

In October, the New York Times ran an article titled “Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place”. The article gave credence to those who contested the Jewish claims that the two Biblical Temples existed on the Temple Mount, even suggesting the Temples may never have existed at all, the only sources being biblical with no archaeological substantiation.

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The claim was breathtaking in its audacity, flying in the face of all three Abrahamic religions, the Old and New Testaments, the Koran, and what every visitor to Jerusalem has seen with his own eyes. The public reacted strongly, sources quoted in the article objected to how their opinions were misrepresented, and the New York Times amended the piece. Yet the fact remained for all to see that when it came to the Temple Mount, history is not relevant to the dialogue.

This lie is being perpetrated in broad daylight in Brazil. Many countries have recognized the State of Palestine in an act that precludes a negotiated peace process. Most recently, France has threatened that if Israel does not come to an agreement with the PA, it will join the 136 United Nations member states who have already recognized the Palestinian entity.

Brazil’s new embassy is the newest manifestation of the Palestinian agenda attempting to delegitimize the Jewish nature of Israel – an agenda which increasingly enjoys global support. Brazil’s bold move, however, ups the ante, entering a battle which has not merely political implications, but spiritual and Biblical ones as well.

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