Gush Etzion: Terrorist caught launching arson attack

An Arab terrorist who arrived in Nahal Heletz in Gush Etzion today, began starting fires in several forest locations between the community of Har Gilo and the Tunnel Road.

weapons found at the site (Pics Credit – Gush Etzion Regional Council)

A Gush Etzion resident who recognized what was happening reported the incident to the Gush Etzion Regional Council’s Land Authority, who called security forces. After a chase that lasted around 90 minutes, the suspect was apprehended.  He had a gasoline canister, a knife, and a tear gas canister stashed in his car.


Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman commented on the incident:

“Today we received further proof that our war over lands is also a war over lives. Whoever sets fires to this land probably doesn’t believe that it belongs to him. The Gush Land Authority caught this terrorist red-handed with a “hot lighter.”  Those who try to murder us, will not succeed in harming our lands or our communities.  Burning trees and fields will never lead to claims over this land.  We will be everywhere, at all times, in order to protect Judea and Samaria.   Thank you to our beloved and brave IDF soldiers who brought this attempted attack to a successful end, and to the firefighters for putting out the fire.”

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