Government Approved NIS 5,700 for Lone IDF Soldiers. But is it Enough?

Government Approved NIS 5,700 for Lone IDF Soldiers. But is it Enough?

Knesset member and a minister in the Defense Department Michael Biton teamed up with fellow Blue and White party/Knesset member Michal Cotler-Wunsh to approve new benefits to the IDF’s lone soldiers.

IDF lone soldiers are troops who serve in Israel’s military while they’re parents live abroad. Cotler-Wunsh, once a lone soldier herself, unveiled her plan that ensures that “lone soldiers are not alone.”

Citing the economic difficulty that has accompanied the covid-19 crisis, the Defense Ministry has injected 1,200 shekel ($367) into the accounts of all lone soldiers. Another 4,500 ($1,357) shekels was then also approved to be transferred into their bank accounts.

But this one time payment during a three-year stint in the IDF isn’t enough to cover all of their expenses.

That’s because what most people don’t realize is that IDF soldiers get leave every weekend or every other weekend. This means that lone soldiers need to pay rent for their apartments compared to other IDF soldiers who can go back to their parent’s place. And although the government committed to throwing in an additional 1,000 shekel ($305)  a month, the average rent in Israel is 4,000 shekels a month.

One organization is fighting to ensure that lone soldiers don’t pay rent at all. The American Friends of LIBI organization provides beautiful apartments for lone combat soldiers serving in the IDF. The apartment houses three troops living in each apartment.

Each soldier receives his own room and private space. The apartments are fully furnished with all necessary electrical appliances provided which means their short, 48 hour leave doesn’t have to be consumed with shopping for basic household items.

The flat’s comfortable and spacious beds will provide them with the rest and relaxation that they very much need to keep going and protect God’s land. But more importantly, realizing that their comfortable living quarters are made possible thanks to the Jewish people as well as the nations who support Israel will remind them who has their back. It’ll also help them remember why it’s so important to guard the holy land against God’s enemies.

And this time of year, Libi is giving a gift card to all lone IDF soldiers as a Hnukka gift. You can buy one for a soldier, a team, a squad or a platoon!

This is your chance to offer Israel’s finest a sliver of comfort between digging ditches and dodging bullets. This is your chance to donate and help support the IDF. Buy an Israeli soldier a gift card by donating to Libi today.

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