Democrat Pastor, NYC Mayor Assures congregants: ‘Covid Vaccine isn’t 666’

As the first doses of the COVID vaccine arrive in New York, a Democratic councilman and pastor assured church-goers that no matter what rumors they heard, the vaccine certainly will not inject them with the devil. And the Mayor went on to assure the people that should there be any detrimental effects, he was volunteering to be the first to experience them.

Pastor: COVID Vaccine Does Not Contain ‘the Number of the Beast’

New York Mayor Bill Deblasio went to the New Life Outreach International Church in the Bronx to speak at their Sunday service in an effort to assuage fears over a potential vaccine against COVID-19. But the mayoral message was overshadowed by the words of the pastor, Democratic Councilman Fernando Cabrera, who assured them the vaccine was not the work of the devil.

“I know there’s some people that are afraid,” said Democratic Councilman Fernando Cabrera during services at the New Life Outreach International church, which he also serves as pastor. “I want to tell everybody, you’re not getting the 666 in this vaccine, OK?” 

“666” is a reference to the Christian concept of the Number of the Beast described in the New Testament. There are no parallels to this concept in Judaism.

Pastor Fernando Cabrera (screenshot)

Cabrera went on insisting that no matter what “conspiracy” his parishioners had heard, the vaccine certainly had no connection to the demonically related Number of the Beast.

“I want to tell you straight-up, there is no 666, there’s no conspiracy, I’ll be the first one to get it if I’m allowed to,” Carera assured the people.

Mayor Deblasio: Me First

After such glowing assurances, the people in the church received the mayor with a subdued greeting, as reported by the NY Post. The mayor announced the first 170,000 doses of the vaccine are set to arrive in New York State this week. 

“When it’s our turn, councilmember, you and I will be there together, and we’ll show people that it’s safe and that it’s gonna bring us forward,” Deblasio said, implying that he would be the first to experience any unexpected and detrimental side-effects (but certainly not one with demonic implications).

The NY Post recently reported on a poll that the assurances were necessary as the general public is reluctant to be vaccinated with 20 percent of New Yorkers saying in a recent Department of Health poll that they would not get the vaccine, and 27 percent saying they are unsure.

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