Good News Israel! People Shop for Free at This Unusual Supermarket
free supermarket

Shopping without paying, help for abuse victims, no age limit at ‘special’ summer camp, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


The supermarket where people shop for free

Shani and Osher run a store in Petah Tikvah full of donated items that those in need can take for free. They have set up special WhatsApp groups and invite needy families, single parents, elderly etc. to visit once or twice a month. The only limit is just one item of each kind.

Help for victims of abuse

Google Israel has launched a life-saving search engine feature that will help victims of abuse to get help. It recognizes search words and highlights helplines. After testing locally, Google will roll this innovation to other countries. Global incidents have increased by 300% during the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel’s doctor with Cerebral Palsy

Worth reading these two articles describing how Hodaya Oliel (see here previously) overcame challenges to become the first Israeli with Cerebral Palsy to qualify as a medical doctor.

No age limit at this ‘special’ summer camp

Camp Eitan is a unique Israeli camp for older teens and adults with cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. It is run by volunteers from Avnei Eitan – a village in the Golan Heights. Whilst there is an age 21 limit at most other camps, there is no upper limit at Camp Eitan.

Druze woman sets new Israeli athletics record

Karawan Halabi, from Daliat el-Carmel, set a time of 2:43:99 in the 1,000-meter race, shattering the 25-year Israeli national record. She became the first Druze athlete to set an Israeli track and field record.

World record strawberry

An Israeli berry has won the Guinness record for the world’s largest strawberry. The 289-gram giant was grown at the Strawberries in the Field plantation run by the Ariel family in Kadima-Zoran, central Israel. The weather and late season caused multiple berries to combine, over 45 days.

Global conferences

While I was in Haifa last week I mingled with Bar-Ilan University students attending a conference on nanotechnology. I then discovered that the city was hosting 30 international conferences next week. Thanks also to Sharon for her article that included conferences and events in Jerusalem.

The first ever Israeli PM visit to Bahrain

Great video showing the warm welcome that Israel’s Prime Minister received in his groundbreaking meeting with Bahrain’s Crown Prince.


Personal greeting for energy minister

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi crossed the room at the Middle East Energy Conference to greet Israeli Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, who is confined to a wheelchair. She is the first Israeli Minister to participate in the conference and the Egyptian President warmly welcomed her.


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