Dr. Zelenko: Masks don’t stop Coronavirus, ‘End the Lies’

In a growing sentiment against the use of masks, Dr Vladamir (Zev) Zelenko, the Ultra-orthodox Jewish physician who was famous for publicizing the use of Hydroxchloroquine against covid, now says that face masks are useless against the spread of coronavirus.

In a tweet on Monday, the New York based doctor took to twitter exposing the truth about masks saying: “The government is trying to shut our mouths and cover our faces with masks. No basis in science. Covid-19 is around 0.1 microns. Masks block particles of more than 0.4 microns. In other words, masks don’t stop covid. End the tyranny and lies”

He then cited a study demonstrating the uselessness of masks blasting those who refuse to review the science and data recorded in the publication.

Dr, Zelenko, is in the midst of planning a class action lawsuit against Twitter for censoring his account. He has also called on his followers to vote Trump come November saying that: “This election will determine if our society remains G-d centered or will deteriorate into a socialist/Marxist hellhole. Today’s brainless walking dead are the pawns of fanatical left. They are to stupid to see that they will be the first shot when these godless animals get power.”

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