‘Boycott Israel’: US University’s ‘Inclusion Board’ Vilifies Jewish State

Activities at Butler University’s “Boycott & Safe Protesting 101” event included an exhibit featuring anti-Israel artwork and a Zoom call with an activist in the anti-Israel BDS movement.


The student government at Butler University in Indiana this week hosted a two-part BDS event and failed to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

The Oct. 6-8 event was titled “Boycott & Safe Protesting 101.”

It was hosted by the university’s Student Government Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board, in partnership with the school’s branch of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Activities included an exhibit featuring anti-Israel artwork and a Zoom call with American Friends Service Committee employee Dalit Baum, an activist in the anti-Israel BDS movement.

On Wednesday, a resolution proposed to the SGA to condemn anti-Semitism was struck down.

The resolution, obtained by JNS, stated that the SGA’s constitution prohibits discrimination “based on many factors which include religion,” and that “all SGA members shall promote an atmosphere of professionalism and courtesy.”

The resolution also read that BDS “is a movement with the sole purpose of the destruction of Israel,” that SGA “condemns anti-Semitism of any form, including all forms of BDS,” and that it “shall no longer sponsor [a] ‘Boycotting & Safe Protesting’ event because SGA does not participate in events that promote hate of a religion or nationality.”

Finally, the resolution stated that SGA “stands behind all students that have been hurt by BDS events, especially those which practice Judaism and have a Jewish family history.”


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