Barnea Sullivan: “From the Nile to the Euphrates” What are the Biblical Boundaries of Israel?

Archaeologist, Rabbi Barnea Levi Selavan is a sought-after lecturer, tour guide and educator. He specializes in Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall excavations, and is the author of the successful book, “Tzaddik’s Guide to Jerusalem’s Old City.” Selavan also serves as co-host of LandMinds – an international internet podcast, originally broadcast on Israel National Radio. A native of Chicago, Illinois, worked in public relations for many years, primarily for the Jerusalem Reclamation Project in the Old City of Jerusalem. He received rabbinic ordination from the late Rabbi Y. Ruderman of the Ner Israel College in Baltimore and from the Hebrew Institute of California. Rabbi Selavan recently completed his undergraduate degree in archaeology and received his “teudat chofer” (excavator’s credential).

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