After waiting eleven barren years, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe and his wife, Blimmy Shchreiber, both residents of Lakewood New Jersey, finally celebrated the birth of their daughter on Sunday. This is their second child. Thier first one was born 11 years ago, B’Chadrei Chareidim reports.

One year ago, Rabbi Shchreiber visited the home of the worlds most respected rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky to receive a blessing for a child.

Rabbi Kanievsky responded immediately telling Rabbi Shchreiber that he needs to grow a beard and payos (sidelocks). Rabbi Kanievsky promised that if it is God’s will, growing a beard and side-curls would bring him a child.

Today, one year on, the Schreibers are enjoying their new baby girl. The elated father now sports a close-shaven beard and a renewed faith in the Jewish concept of ‘a righteous man decrees and God makes it happen.’

The happy father told B’Chadrei: “We have one daughter who is now 11.5 and since then we haven’t been able to have more children. After I received a bracha (blessing) from Harav Chaim (Rabbi Kanievsky), and I grew a beard and payos (side-locks)– Baruch Hashem, we finally had another daughter yesterday.”

“It’s a mitzvah (commandment) to publicize the story,” the father added.

Source: Israel in the News