A List of Orthodox Synagogues That Claim to Follow Yeshua [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Since this was originally posted, I have received some responses.  See the update at the end of this post]

So I was having a conversation with someone recently and he mentioned 5 different congregations that identify as Orthodox Jewish (i.e. Halachic) and also follow the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth:


Unfortunately I do not yet know where these organizations stand on the Divinity of Yeshua.  However, I sent out some emails, asking whether they believed Yeshua was HaShem or merely a created being.  So hopefully I’ll be able to update this post later with that information.

It’s also a little unusual that Yosef Hilbrant, who refers to himself as “Chief Rabbi Yosef Hilbrant”, wears the Choshen Mishpat of the High Priest:

Perhaps he was wearing this as a costume for Purim?  This is the picture of him located on the “Greetings” section of his website:  http://www.britavraham.org/greetings-shalom/.

In other words, I don’t really know anything about these groups–except that they publicly identify on their websites as being both Orthodox Jewish and following the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth.  Perhaps someone out there has more information that they can share with us.




I have received some responses.

The Brit Avraham group said “We are not at all ashamed of what we believe but neither do we want to discuss our beliefs for you are an outsider and stranger to us….Also we are not concerned [with what] Christians and Messianics, no matter what their persuasion, think about us…”  So they didn’t want to discuss.  Fair enough.

However, the response from Tzemakh David was very cordial.  A representative from this organization gave a very friendly response and outlined this organization’s position on the Divinity of Yeshua.  The position of Tzemakh David appears to be, and I’m paraphrasing, that the Word (i.e. Yeshua) is not a creation but instead is an emanation of HaShem. 
Source: Orthodox Messianic Judaism (http://goo.gl/tTgTQM)