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We are passionate about the Word of God. Learn about the Christian faith from its Hebrew context of and discover Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah of Israel of whom the Law and Prophets spoke.

It’s not enough to just follow along with the teaching of someone else. You are responsible for what you believe and that responsibility doesn't diminish just because you took your theology from someone else."
-Skip Moen

Appointed Times

Moed'im are the appointed times of Yahweh, a מִקְרָא Miqrao which is something called out, such as a public meeting, an assembly, a holy convocation, a reading, or a rehearsal. These are dress rehearsal for the coming of Yeshua, having practical, symbolic, a prophetic application. Read more

Biblical Languages

Biblical Languages

Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek, the original languages of the Scriptures. Something is always lost in translation. The closer we can get to the original text, the clearer the imagery and brilliance of the words become. Read more


As the Bible is the living Word of God. It is endless in it's discovery. Every minute of every day, there is more to learn about the One who is beginning and end of all things. Read more


The land and the people. God's timepiece. Watch and see as prophetic events unfold before your very eyes. Read more

Fall Feasts 2015

God’s plan for the salvation of humanity is shown by the seven feasts He gave to ancient Israel in Leviticus 23.

What can we learn ?

  • Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah - Feast of Trumpets
  • Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
  • Sukkot - Feast of Tabernacles

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