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We are passionate about the Word of God. Learn about the Christian faith from its Hebrew context and discover Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah of Israel of whom the Law and Prophets spoke.

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It’s not enough to just follow along with the teaching of someone else. You are responsible for what you believe and that responsibility doesn't diminish just because you took your theology from someone else."
-Skip Moen
  • Mother of Terror Victim Pleads for End to PA Terror-Funding at UN
    Mother of Terror Victim Pleads for End to PA Terror-Funding at UN
    “Ezra’s death broke our family and our world will never be the same,” the mother of teenage terror victim Ezra Schwartz told a UN forum. A special forum at the United Nations (UN) on Wednesday, demanding an end to Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership’s financing of terror, featured […]...
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  • VIDEO: Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967?
    VIDEO: Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967?
    This week Israelis celebrate the jubilee anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. But why did Israel launch that war? In 1948, during Israel’s War of Independence, the surrounding Arab nations attacked the fledgling Jewish state. Among them was Jordan, which captured the Old City […]...
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  • VIDEO: Life in the United City of Jerusalem
    VIDEO: Life in the United City of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem is a thriving, modern and ancient city enjoyed by a diversity of people, some with remarkable stories. Since the reunification of Jerusalem 50 years ago, the Israeli capital has flourished as a unique, both modern and ancient city where people of all faiths and backgrounds contribute to its remarkable success. In […]...
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A Journey of Discovery!

Learn about the Scriptures from their Jewish perspective, and understand the historical context and culture from which we have been seperated for almost 2000 years.
Torah Portion

Weekly Torah Portion

Each week in synagogue a portion is read from the Torah, known as a Parshah. Each weekly Torah portion takes its name from the first most distinct word in the Hebrew text. Come explore this weeks Torah reading.

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Jewish Life Cycle

At five years old a person should study the Scriptures, at ten years for the Mishnah, at thirteen for the commandments, at fifteen for the Talmud, at eighteen for the bridechamber, at twenty for one's life pursuit, at thirty for authority, at forty for discernment, at fifty for counsel, at sixty to be an elder, at seventy for gray hairs, at eighty for special strength (Psalm 90:10), at ninety for decrepitude, and at a hundred a man is as one who has already died and has ceased from the affairs of this world.Pirkei Avot 5:21

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Mitzvah & Tradition

Tradition, a word that remindes us of where we come from, yet to others is the face of legalism itself. While tradition can be used for either purpose, when used correctly it can help us focus on how to live and walk in the Way.

Teaching Resources

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  • “Get Out!”
    “Get Out!”
    Parashat Lekh Lekha “GET OUT!” – G-d makes it very clear to Avram...
  • Creation and the Hidden Light
    Creation and the Hidden Light
    Parashat Breishit The Torah relates the story of the six days of creation...
  • Are You Listening?
    Are You Listening?
      Parashat Ha’azinu The Hebrew word Ha’azinu means “listen.” It is a command...

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