In this verse, the prophet Zechariah alludes to the seven branched candleabra that will be used in the future Holy Temple. The Sages of the Talmud refer to Jerusalem as “the light of the world.” The symbol of this holy spiritual light was the Temple lamp, the ‘menorah,’ which emanated light through the unusual windows of the Sanctuary. The windows were made narrower on the inside – bringing less sunlight into the Sanctuary, but maximizing the spiritual light that burst forth to the world. This is symbolic of Israel’s mission to be a “light unto the nations” (Isaiah 42:6). Recognized by many, the Shofar is another icon unique to Judaism, representing a yearning to be close to God, a very appropriate message during this holy month when Yom Hateruah takes place. Above all is the undeniable importance of the Torah, showing our everlasting devotion to our Creator and His loving kindness. Combined, the three iconic symbols represent the strength and resilience of the Jewish people throughout their long and arduous history, and even continue to be a beacon of inspiration today.

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