World Jewish Congress Rebukes Google for Failing to Remove Neo-Nazi Videos from YouTube

Neo Nazis

“By providing a platform for the worst expressions of anti-Semitism, Google is lending a hand to neo-Nazis,” WJC President Lauder said. 

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Friday condemned Google’s ongoing refusal to remove all anti-Jewish and racist hate songs and clips from its YouTube video platform.

“Although we raised the issue with Google Germany and informed them of the problem, thousands of video clips containing obscene songs which, inter alia, call for the gassing of Jews and glorify the Nazi Holocaust, continue to be easily accessible via YouTube. Albeit illegal in Germany, Google has no qualms in making music of extremist bands available. Such inaction is scandalous, and it really beggars belief,” declared WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

Earlier this week, WJC CEO Robert Singer sent a letter to Google Germany Managing Director Philipp Justus urging YouTube to remove neo-Nazi songs on the grounds that they are incitement to hatred. and often illegal in Germany “Why is it that Google steadfastly refuses to take action against the proliferation of racist and anti-Semitic material on its platforms? Do you really believe that songs glorifying or inciting the mass murder of Jews fall under freedom of speech?” Singer asked in his letter.

Ron Lauder

WJC President Ron Lauder. (AP/MTI, Zoltan Balogh)

Following media reports about the letter, YouTube removed a few music clips from its offer and barred access to clips whose distribution is illegal in Germany, but as of Friday, numerous songs performed by neo-Nazi bands such as Kommando Freisler and Landser, which were mentioned in Singer’s letter, continued to be available on the world’s largest video platform.

“It is sad that Google refuses to delete vile Kommando Freisler songs such as ‘In Belsen’, ‘Giftgas’ and ‘Judenschwein’, in violation of its own user guidelines,” Lauder said. “Holocaust survivors are rightly outraged that not much is being done to stop the proliferation of this toxic material. By providing a platform for the worst expressions of anti-Semitism, Google is lending a hand to neo-Nazis. YouTube has become a playground for Nazi apologists and anti-Semites.”

Lauder called on the German government to act immediately. “Illegal incitement to hatred should not be tolerated by the authorities, certainly not when it comes to Nazi propaganda targeting young people,” the WJC president declared.

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel