Women Lead the Way at Israel’s Soroka Medical Center

Female doctors


At Soroka Medical Center, women are in charge, and WMN is a co-work space and ecosystem for women entrepreneurs, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Women lead the way at Soroka

At Soroka Medical Center, women are in charge of Infectious Diseases, Women’s Ultrasound, At Risk Mother & Child unit, Respiratory clinic, Interventional neurology, Opthalmology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric unit, Geriatric medicine, Neonatology, Pathology and more.

Where women build startups

WMN is a co-work space and ecosystem for women entrepreneurs. In a spacious compound at the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Port, it is helping women to start their first business by themselves.

Christian leader to light Independence Day torch

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest and leader of the Aramean Christian community in Israel, has been selected this year to light a torch at the Israeli Independence Day torch ceremony under the category of “civil heroism.”

More help for Israeli-Arab startups

The Hybrid accelerator and Made In Jerusalem brought 15 Arab entrepreneurs from Nazareth and East Jerusalem to meet top figures in the Israeli tech ecosystem. They spoke with Jewish entrepreneurs and pitched their ideas to prospective investors.

Saving Syrian lives

Next door to the war raging in Syria, doctors at the Galilee Medical Center are showing the true character of Israel. When they say that ‘Israel is a light unto the nations’, this is what they mean…

Rescuing the Cypriot economy

In 2013 Cyprus was in financial crisis. It had become insolvent as no-one was paying property taxes. Then Israel’s Ofek Aerial Photos undertook a project to provide an aerial map of the country. Ofek’s technology enabled Cyprus to correctly assess the taxes due on real estate in the country.

Israeli tech saves Turkish soldiers

An Israeli upgrade on a US-made M60T tank used by Turkish military forces in Mosul saved the tank’s crew from a missile attack by Da’esh (ISIS) terrorists. The tank was hit by a 129K9 Kornet anti-tank guided missile, but it did not explode.


Field hospital in Ecuador

Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID has set up a field hospital in Canoa, Ecuador. It has been treating victims of the Ecuador magnitude-7.8 earthquake since Apr 23. In addition to its medical aid, the humanitarian volunteers have also set up child-friendly spaces.

10-year visa agreement with China

Israel and China have signed an agreement to issue mutual multiple-entry visas valid for 10 years. Israel is only the third country (after the USA and Canada) to have such an arrangement. China’s Hainan Airlines is shortly to commence direct flights between Beijing and Tel Aviv.

This is my Earth

A special event at the Knesset launched a new global network to protect critical ecological habitats. This Israeli initiative raises funds and allows everyone on the planet to participate in the purchase of environmental hot-spots, such as threatened areas of Brazilian rainforest.


90 species of endangered plants grow in Israel

An Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) survey and mapping project over the last two years has determined that Israel meets international standards on biodiversity protection. Israel has 90 species of endangered plants, 28 being unique to Israel or the countries that surround it.

Cleaning up Charleston

In Jan 2014, the Elk River – the main water source for Charleston, West Virginia, USA was contaminated with toxic waste, forcing a water crisis and shutting down several businesses. Israeli experts went into action, advising on how to alleviate the problem and prevent future similar situations.


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Source: United with Israel