With Israel’s Help, California May Solve its Water Crisis

California drought


California is still facing a huge water crisis and has turned to Israel for advice, and Israel Aerospace Industries has built a new communications satellite, weighing only 1.5-2 tons – less than half a regular communications satellite.

By: Michael Ordman



If Israel can do it, why can’t California?

California is still facing a huge water crisis. The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit conducted a 3-month investigation on Israel, a country that faced its own water crisis about a decade ago. Now Israel has more fresh water than it can use.

New lightweight satellites

Israel Aerospace Industries has built a new communications satellite, weighing only 1.5-2 tons – less than half a regular communications satellite. AMOS E will provide communications services including TV broadcasts and broadband Internet. IAI is also building 400kg EROS C.

Catching fraudulent behavior

Another article about Israel’s BioCatch (featured here) which can detect someone trying to hack into your on-line bank account even when they use the right password.

An app to learn to play piano

Here is another innovative app from Israel’s JoyTunes. Place your iPhone or iPad on the piano and the Simply Piano app will teach you how to play it. It’s like going to a music teacher.


Israel’s first hi-tech kindergarten

Israel’s first Science Kindergarten opened in Beersheba, equipped with advanced computer equipment, Lego sets to develop motor skills, robotics activities, and activities to stimulate interest in space matters. Skills that the 5-year-olds will learn include physics, astronomy, and math.

Nano Bible donated to Smithsonian

Peretz Lavie, President of Israel’s Technion, has presented the world’s smallest Bible to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Technion scientists engraved the Nano Bible’s 1.2 million letters on a gold-plated silicon chip the size of a sugar grain.

China-Israel water city project begins

Israel and China have signed an agreement with China’s Greatwall Enterprise Institute (GEI) for the $200,000 planning phase of the Shouguang, China Water City project. GEI will consult with Israeli partners Tefen and work involving Israeli water companies could commence mid-2016.


R&D agreement with Colorado

Israel has signed a deal with the US state of Colorado to further increase R&D cooperation. Under the agreement, start-ups and veteran firms will receive funding from either or both governments for research and development projects in areas including energy, agriculture and cybersecurity.

Seeing is believing

This reporter from The Hindu visited Israel and saw Oranges and Jojoba plants growing straight out of desert sand.

Israel: The Water Exporters

Recent video of how India can learn from Israeli water recycling and desalination expertise.

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Source: United with Israel