On April Fool’s Day last week, a group of people gathered at a park in San Diego, dressed as witches, to protest President Trump in the second witch-related protest against the president. This peculiar phenomenon, the second of its kind since Trump took office, was predicted by a prominent Israeli mystic rabbi.

Several dozen people dresses as witches gathered in Balboa Park at noon for what the called a “Fire the Fool Rally”. The protesters set up a large cauldron and danced around it while chanting.

Though the participants claimed they were not casting any spells, this is the second anti-Trump protest in which black magic played a role. In late February, a group of witches gathered at Trump Tower in New York City at midnight to cast a spell on the new President. Only a small group gathered but the “binding spell” was posted online for people to participate=.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi (Photo: Official Facebook Page of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi)

Breaking Israel News reported in early February that the noted mystic spiritual leader Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi warned against witchcraft and black magic making a comeback in the world in his weekly sermon. Rabbi Ben Artzi warned that these dark powers would be used against world leaders in an attempt to usurp God’s rule, specifically mentioning President Trump as a target of these dark powers.

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